Event-Related FAQs

Can I bring food or drinks into the arena? 

For camera and recording policies for a particular event, please refer to the event information page for that specific event.

Carlson Center patrons are responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and/or persons using their tickets. Venue staff will strive to maintain an atmosphere where all in attendance can enjoy the event. Event patrons and guests in violation of the Customer Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection, arrest, and/or loss of ticket privileges for future events. If the behavior of a patron or patrons around you becomes disruptive or violates the Customer Code of Conduct, the incident should be reported to the nearest usher or security person.

All concessions are provided exclusively in-house by the Carlson Center or contracted vendors. Outside food and beverages of any kind may not be brought into the Carlson Center.

Visa and Mastercard are accepted at all permanent concession locations and the Box Office.

The possession, operation, or use of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or drone is prohibited on Carlson Center property without prior, written permission from management. Furthermore, persons operating a UAS on Carlson Center property may be subject to criminal or civil penalties by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

An Elevator is located on the South lobby.

For employment opportunities, please contact the Carlson Center at (907) 451-7800.

Depending upon the nature of an event or when considered necessary by ASM Global and Show Management, a visual or full search will be conducted by Carlson Center event staff and security on all patrons prior to entering the Carlson Center. Patrons not willing to comply with search procedures prior to entering the Carlson Center may return their tickets immediately to their point of purchase.

The Carlson Center  has the flexibility and space to accommodate events small and large, from private parties to large-scale public events. For private or public events, please email info@webcraft.link with a clear subject heading regarding your event.

The following behaviors and/or activities are causes for eviction from the Carlson Center:
– Use of profanity or unacceptable language of any type
– Possession of illegal or unauthorized items
– Inappropriate or offensive dress
– Public intoxication
– Entering or attempting to enter any “off limit” area such as the playing surface, stage area, backstage, or restroom of the opposite sex
– Participating in a fight or instigating a physical or verbal altercation
– Verbally abusing, threatening, or intimidating other patrons or Venue Management
– Throwing objects of any type
– Possession of stolen or counterfeit tickets
– Possession of unauthorized banners or signs
– Smoking indoors

Food & beverages are available for purchase during Carlson Center events. Outside food and beverages are not allowed Carlson Center. All major concession stands in the Carlson Center accept Visa and Mastercard. Note that some portable food locations do not accept credit cards.

Children who have lost their parents will be escorted to the Security Control Office located on the South lobby level. The child’s name will be reported to police, security, and usher personnel. Parents seeking a lost child should proceed to the nearest event staff for assistance in locating their child.

For media inquiries or request event credentials, please contact crelatado@fnsb.us.


Parking is free at the Carlson Center.
The Carlson Center has ample women’s and men’s restrooms, each with disabled facilities, conveniently located on the main level and mezzanine level of Carlson Center.


Smoking inside the Carlson Center is prohibited by law. Smoking is permitted in select exterior areas only, and locations are subject to event.
*Inhaling e-cigarettes is not permitted inside the Carlson Center, but they may be used in event designated smoking areas.


The distribution of promotional items, flyers, pamphlets, printed materials, as well as the solicitation of signatures and autographs, is not permitted on Center property without prior, written authorization from Venue Management.


Strollers are allowed into the Carlson Center. Patrons may keep strollers with them in the seating areas as long as it does not impede walkways or sightlines of other patrons.


Tailgating is not allowed on Carlson Center property or parking facilities.


If you are interested in a tour of the Carlson Center, please contact (907) 451-7800 or email info@webcraft.link.


The Carlson Center is managed by ASM Global, the world leader in private management for public facilities.


The Carlson Center has a limited supply of wheelchairs available on a first-come, first-served basis. A government issued identification is required to check out a wheelchair. Wheelchairs may be checked out at the Security Control Office located on the South lobby level.
The Carlson Center does not provide escort personnel for patrons using wheelchairs.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items List

Search & Inspection Policy
  • This policy is being implemented to insure a safe and secure environment for patrons of our public facility. In an effort to restrict the presence of alcohol, drugs, weapons, or other contraband in the John Carlson Center, and as a result of the growing concern over crowd behavior at public assemblies, the following is being instituted.
  • Clear, legible signs are posted in all entryways stating what items are not allowed into the arena. These items include: pistols, revolvers, or other firearms at events in which alcohol is being served; knives (other than a standard pocket knife), slingshots, metal knuckles, clubs, poles (including selfie sticks), or any other instrument with the principal purposes to be used as a weapon; glass, laser pointers, noisemakers, projectiles, helium balloons, glitter, confetti, backpacks/knapsacks, banners, fireworks, large oversized bags (over 14”x14”x6”).
  • At public, ticketed events, and other events deemed necessary by venue management, bags larger than 14”x14”x6” will not be allowed in the facility during public, ticketed events. Bags smaller than 14”x14”x6” will be subject to a visual inspection by a guard stationed at each entrance. After search, the bag will be tagged and released back to the patron. This policy will be in effect for all who enter the facility on a public, ticketed event day, including: patrons, staff, contractors, event organizers, etc.
  • The guards stationed at the doors should look for any plainly visible articles and advise the patrons that the items be not allowed. The patron may dispose of the item at that time, turn the item over to security for post show pick-up, or return the item to their vehicle and re-enter.
  • The security guards should briefly stop patrons carrying bulky coats and jackets, handbags, or other personal articles capable of concealing contraband, and ask the patron whether he is carrying such items and remind him that they are not allowed. If the patron denies having any prohibited items, and the guard has no clear and convincing reason for thinking that the person stopped is carrying the prohibited items, he should not detain the patron or refuse him entry.
  • If the guard does have good reason to think that the person is carrying a prohibited item, he can refuse to admit the person without an inspection. The guards should not touch the patron’s body, but can physically inspect clothing or hand bags.  The patrons should be asked to open their handbags, and allow visual inspection.  If a visual inspection is inadequate, the guard should ask the patron to re-arrange the bag to allow for full inspection.  If prohibited items are found, the patron should be asked to leave them outside the arena (cameras or weapons to be checked in with security for later pick-up), or their entry would be denied.